Internal Links are Important Too

Yesterday I noticed that someone had found my site by searching for "'_gat' is not an object". This search currently brings up one page which, is a blog entry on this site about XHTML, Firefox and Javascript. However, the visit was listed by Google Analytics as a "bounce," that is, the visitor viewed that one page, and then left my site. Most likely he/she moved on to the page on Weston Ruter's site that I linked to that contains a partial solution to the problem, written in Javascript. If this visitor had bothered to look further on this site, he/she would have discovered that a much simpler, and more effective, solution was presented in this blog post.

The First Content

Twenty three days after creating this site, the first actual content for this website is finally online. The pages outlines MiniGL 2.0, an open-source project for Amiga OS 4 that I have been working on in my spare time for several months. It has taken longer to finish these pages than expected; partly due to the technical issues involved with setting up the site, and partly because I am a novice when it comes to building web-sites.

Site Redesign

I've redesigned the website to encompass more of my interests. My interests and projects stretch far beyond just Amiga OS 4. Therefore making this one of the main sections simply made expanding this site difficult. Hence, I have changed the site's structure, before such changes become major overhauls. The lack of visitors at present makes this easier; there are no external links that will be screwed up by this change. 

First Human Visitors

According to Google Analytics, the first few human visitors have stumbled upon this site. They came from the USA, Germany and Australia. I'm actually surprised how quickly this happened as this site still is not linked to from other websites, and still has little content (I'm working on that).

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